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Private Air Ambulance or Commercial Stretcher?

Med Flight provides a choice of service for global operations (intercontinental travel): either using "private" jet air ambulance or transporting the patient on a stretcher using a "commercial" airline's aircraft.

All patient care is delivered by Med Flight Air Ambulance staff.

The greatest difference is cost. Commercial stretcher transports average 50% or less than the cost of a private air ambulance. Other factors may affect access to a commercial alternative:

  • availability of commercial aircraft with stretcher capacity
  • delays for commercial carriers to obtain medical clearance and install a stretcher

Med Flight uses Qantas Airlines for stretcher transports to and from Australia and Southeast Asia.

Med Flight uses Air Canada for stretcher transports to and from Europe and the Middle East.
Med Flight uses Varig Brasil Airlines for stretcher transports to and from South America and the Pacific Rim.

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